Chocolate Rugelach


Rugelach are traditionally served at holidays and special occasions.? The name means ?little twists.? Made from a yeast dough that is filled and rolled, rugelach are the perfect fusion of croissant and danish made in a size that is easy to handle.? The resemble croissants in their shape and in their flaky texture but are smaller and enhanced with a wonderful cinnamon filling.? ??They are easily packed and transported and require no preparation before serving ? no need to measure out even slices!???? You can never have too many rugelach on hand when you are entertaining.? They are perfect for holiday parties and celebrations and are welcome as desserts or as breakfast pastries. Whatever the occasion, these gourmet rugelach are always a hit.

The cinnamon rugelach are baked fresh and made of all-natural, nut-free ingredient and certified kosher pareve.? Each package weighs 14 ounces.